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Regardless of whether your customers are using their smartphone, or if they are at home in front of their PC on the web or via social messenger: With Freshdesk Messaging you have the ideal tool to get in touch with your target group!


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Freshdesk Messaging

Freshdesk Messaging (formerly Freshchat) is a messaging software for customers of all sizes.

With Freshdesk Messaging, delight your customers wherever they are - on the web, on mobile devices, on social networks, in messages. Freshdesk Messaging includes both modern and classic features to completely transform your user experience and help you grow your business.

Why Freshdesk Messaging?

Freshchat is a messaging product that focuses on engagement and support. Freshdesk Messaging offers:

- Best-in-class chatbots that focus on intent and engagement
- Proactive, rich media campaigns to segment and target audiences
- Intelligent load balancing and routing capabilities
- One Inbox for Freshdesk messages, multiple chat channels - WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Line Messenger, web chat, in-app chat widget, etc.
- Seamless integration with applications
- Familiar interface and platform capabilities that improve your agent's productivity by 3X 

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Messaging - the modern solution for customer communication

Communication with added value

Reach your customers - wherever they are.

Pick up your target group - via the web, smartphone or social messenger

Use bots and AI

Automate your responses to inquiries precisely and precisely

Start proactive campaigns

Send targeted messages to your customers 


Messaging for businesses of all types and sizes

Get your customers with effective campaigns!
Connect during interactions via WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, etc. 

Automate with bots and AI

Respond effectively and precisely to customer behavior and inquiries - quickly and purposefully! 


Reach customers quickly with pro-active campaigns

Start pro-active campaigns tailored to their buying behavior

Score with the Freshworks platform

Address the needs of your growing customer base.The open and flexible Freshworks platform makes it possible!

 It offers a user programming interface for customer-specific integration, intelligent analyzes, automated workflows, partner solutions from the ecosystem and hundreds of marketplace apps.

Meet our technology partners

Tools that you are already using with Freshdesk Messaging can be easily integrated and connected in order to have everything under one roof.


Inspire your customers wherever they are - via the web, smartphone or social messenger. 

"Thanks to the Freshdesk Messaging user programming interface, we have a tailor-made chat experience and guarantee individual customer support!" 

Eric Bompas (Klarna Product Manager)