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Freshdesk is easy-to-use customer support software that allows your teams to manage all conversations from a variety of channels, such as email, phone, chat, and social media on a single platform.
Freshdesk helps you collaborate with team members from across the company. This way you can respond quickly and consistently to your customers.
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Over 50,000 companies of all sizes rely on freshdesk for their customer support


Creating a ticket

Track customer communication


All incoming emails are automatically converted into tickets and assigned to the appropriate employee. In this way, you answer customer questions quickly and efficiently. In addition, all support tickets end up in the team's inbox, so you can take care of everything.To increase efficiency even more, you can assign deadlines, automate processes, and define individual workflows.

    SLA Management
    automated process
    custom status


Solve user problems together as a team


For quick and quality answers, connect with your team. Chat or comment features are available for this. You can link FAQ tickets. For bigger problems, you can add subtails to existing tickets.

    Ticket connection


All support channels in one: email, phone, live chat, website, social media


Multi-channel support takes your customer service to the next level. Both email inquiries and phone calls can be converted into tickets. In addition, you can integrate social media channels, chats and queries from your website directly into Freshdesk and process them from there.

    Phone calls
    Website podrška
    Social Media Management


Increase your team's productivity


To ensure a neat and fast process, Freshdesk provides you with various automation options. Automated ticket forwarding to the right employee depending on the customer’s problem or your employee’s abilities are just a few examples of the opportunities you get.

    Time automation
    Event-based automation
    Automatic email notifications

Help people help themselves

Offer concrete solutions to your customers


Provide your customers with database solutions to save your customer support team time. In the user forum, your customers and employees can connect with each other. If specific help is still needed, a ticket can be created directly from the forum topic.

    Integrated database
    Feedback option
    Automated email notifications


Upgrade your help desk


Analyze the reports and satisfaction of your customers as well as the performance of your Freshdesk employees, and plan changes and improvements based on that. This will ensure the good quality of your services. 

    Separate Dashboards
    Automatic report scheduling
    Individual CPI


Freshdesk fits perfectly into any company


Freshdesk allows you to design an individualized support system according to your wishes and needs. Integrate other applications for better business, design tickets at your discretion, and according to the wishes and capabilities of your company.

    Design (CSS, themes)
    Role division and authorization
    Use your URL for the best performance possible

Data security

Data protection according to the best and latest standards


Freshdesk guarantees the security of your data, has the necessary certificates and is covered by constant monitoring by authorized services. SSL certificates, IP and network restrictions provide additional protection. Lastly, the single sign ensures that the help desk is used in the best possible way.

    SSL certificate
    IP restrictions
    Single Sign-on

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Help desk for companies of all sizes

Entrepreneurs, small, medium and large companies ... can all benefit from Freshdesk!

Software for small and medium business

Freshdesk will streamline your support process so that both SMEs can focus only on improving their business and growing their company. Save the time you normally use to ask your clients questions and focus yourself and your employees on important tasks.  

Software for large companies

Freshdesk allows you an accelerated process of cooperation between teams, facilities, employees - in your company. Many programs and tools can be easily integrated into Freshdesk , so you have everything you need in one place. This mode of operation provides you with the highest quality support system.

Over 50,000 companies of all sizes rely on Freshdesk for their customer service


Freshdesk Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How long will the demo be available to me?

    Once you register, the demo will be available to you for 21 days. During that time, all options will be available to you.

  • Do I need a card for a free demo?

    No, you don't need a card. Simply register, and start your trial period.

  • Can I use multiple plans at the same time?

    Yes, you can use multiple plans from one Freshdesk account. You will find this option called "Service plans".

  • Is my data secure?

    We take the security and safety of your data very seriously. Our servers are located in a very modern center or database that complies with EU Safe Harbor standards and has the highest security measures, such as biometric locks, for example. We guarantee the security and safety of your data also because our security measures are always in accordance with the most modern, state-of-the-art protection measures.

  • Hidden costs?

    There are no hidden costs.

  • How long is the contract?

    The contract can be on a monthly or annual basis.

  • How do I end a collaboration or stop using Freshworks?

    If you want to close your Freshdesk account, find the option called "Service plans & billing". Cooperation is terminated after the expiration of the paid period for the current month.

  • Are there any benefits if I want to use some other Freshworks products as well?

    Click the Order button next to the service or product you want to buy and leave your information in the form that follows. We will contact you shortly to arrange all the details.

  • Do you have any discounts for certain clubs, students or start up programs?

    Click the Order button next to the service or product you want to buy and leave your information in the form that follows. We will contact you shortly to arrange all the details.

The benefits you get when we are your partners

As the main partner of Freshdesk, we have the best program implementation and the best solution for your projects.


We will be happy to help you with the selection of Freshdesk tools as well as with the implementation and selection of other applications and integrations.


In addition to free 24/7 support in English, we also offer you affordable options in your country.

Ongoing support

Setting up new systems is always a challenge. We provide constant support to ensure that your settings go in the best possible order, as well as that your employees accept the new system without any problems.

Special accessories and applications

Sometimes the basic functions do not quite fit our needs. Our developers will be happy to bring you closer and allow you to work with additional options and other applications that you need. .

Special integrations

If you want to add Freshdesk tools to your existing system, no problem! Freshdesk tools can be combined with other support systems. We will help you make such an implementation go smoothly.

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