Inspire customers with effective support

We are here to help you select and launch your Freshworks products, Whether support, chat, CRM or marketing as professionals: you will save valuable time, have motivated employees and inspired customers.

Over 50K successful companies use Freshworks in their work


Freshworks is very easy to use. It will make your business as well as everyday life easier for your employees.
All the products we offer are immediately available, very easy to handle, and facilitate communication with customers and employees.
Our company is one of the first from the German-speaking area, which since 2013 has been successfully cooperating with over 240 partners and over 2500 agents.
As an additional service, in addition to products and consulting, we also offer you a presentation of our services and the support of our team in German.


Optimize all your business communication

With the help of quality Freshworks Group tools, you will save time, money and nerves










Support for more efficient teamwork

Freshdesk is a support system suitable for companies of different sizes.

With support software that is multifunctional, easy to use and, above all, very affordable, you will help your customers quickly organize all the questions and problems or create an option - frequently asked questions through the support portal.

Hundreds of applications and integration at your fingertips


Your reliable partner

  • Consultations

    We would be happy to provide you with any advice regarding Freshworks tools in your company, as well as regarding application usage and integration.

  • Ongoing support

    In addition to free 24/7 support from our main English language base, we also offer affordable local contacts and are with you every step of the way.

  • Installations

    Introducing and setting up new systems can always be challenging. We are here for you as an active support, we are here to ensure that all settings in your company go in the best possible order. We are also there to support your employees in accepting and getting to know the new system. 

  • Individual integrations

    Would you like to connect Freshworks tools to existing software that you use?
    No problem, we can make it easy to implement.

  • Individual plugins & applications

    We know that sometimes basic functions are simply not enough. If you have any special requirements, our developers will be happy to provide you with additional options with special applications.

  • Leading generation

    Our company MONOBUNT specializes in e-commerce, online marketing and lead generation. Especially if you have excellent CRM and the best possible customer support, a few more leads won't hurt.

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Versatile customer support software 

Freshdesk is easy-to-use customer support software that allows your teams to manage all conversations from a variety of channels, such as email, phone, chat, and social media on a single platform.

Freshdesk helps you collaborate with team members from across the company. This way you can respond quickly and consistently to your customers.

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